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Assistant Professor
PLD-E07, Plattenstr. 32, 8032 Zürich
+41 44 634 29 57
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Changes in the Cost of Bank Equity and the Supply of Bank Credit
Steven Ongena, Claire Myriam Célérier, Thomas Kick
Herausgeber: Colin Mayer, Stefano Micossi, Marco Onado, Marco Pagano, Andrea Polo
In: Finance and Investment: The European case, Oxford University Press, Oxford , p. 169-179, 2018.

Working Papers (3)

The motives for financial complexity: An empirical investigation
Claire Myriam Célérier, Boris Vallee
SSRN, No. 2289890, Oktober 2015.

Are Bankers Worth Their Pay? Evidence from a Talent Measure
Claire Myriam Célérier, Boris Vallee
SSRN, No. 2393110, September 2014.

Unbanked Households: Evidence of Supply-Side Factors
Claire Myriam Célérier, Adrien Matray
SSRN, No. 2392278, September 2014.

Sonstiger Forschungsoutput (1)

Unbanked households: Evidence of supply-side factors
Claire Myriam Célérier, Adrien Matray

Medienpräsenz (2)

New study: Smarter finance grads do make more
Betrifft: Claire Myriam Célérier
The Boston Globe, 19 September 2014.

Are the Most Talented the Highest Paid? Yes—If They’re Bankers
Betrifft: Claire Myriam Célérier
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, 15 September 2014.