Center for Financial Regulation (ZeFiR)

With the Center for Financial Regulation (ZeFiR) the department of Banking and Finance offers a platform for policy orientated researchers in finance, economics, law, and other disciplines.

The aim behind ZeFiR is to contribute to the debate about financial regulation by providing analysis and advice both to the public and to interested parties.

ZeFiR benefits from being embedded in a multi-disciplinary research institution (UZH), from its closeness to other leading institutions like ETHZ, as well as from the proximity of the Zurich financial center.

About us


Prof. Urs Birchler (Chair)

Prof. Jean-Charles Rochet

Managing Director

Inke Nyborg


  • History of Economics and Banking (U. Birchler)
  • Financial Markets and Institutions (U. Birchler)
  • Economic Foundations for Finance (U. Birchler/Th. Hens)
  • Law and Finance (J-C. Rochet/B. Frey/G. Hertig/S. Bechtold)
  • Advanced Banking (J-C. Rochet)
  • Banking Economics (J-C. Rochet)
  • Banking: Regulation and Supervision (U. Birchler/S. Kilgus)
  • Banking: Credit and Deposit Business (U. Birchler/O. Wünsch)
  • Theory of Banking and Financial Intermediation (U. Birchler)
  • Doctoral Seminar New Regulation for the Financial Sector and its Impact on the System (A. Schenker-Wicki/U. Birchler/Ch. Hirszowicz/S. Kilgus/R. Volkart)
  • Research Seminars in Finance / Contract Theory / Banking (U. Birchler/J-C. Rochet)


Working Papers