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Journal Articles (1)

Measuring economic uncertainty and its impact on the stock market
Michal Dzielinski
In: Finance Research Letters, Vol. 9 (No. 3), p. 167-175, 2012.

Kapitel in Büchern (1)

Volatility asymmetry, news, and private investors
Michal Dzielinski, Marc Oliver Rieger, Tönn Talpsepp
Herausgeber: Gautam Mitra, Leela Mitra
In: The Handbook of News Analytics in Finance, Wiley, Chichester, UK, p. 255-269, 2011.

Dissertationen (1)

The impact of public information on financial markets
Michal Dzielinski
Betreuer: Thorsten Hens, Henrik Hasseltoft
University of Zurich, 2013.

Working Papers (2)

Straight talkers and vague talkers: The effects of managerial style in earnings conference calls
Michal Dzielinski, Alexander F. Wagner, Richard J Zeckhauser
Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper, No. 17-13, Mai 2017.

News sensitivity and the cross-section of stock returns
Michal Dzielinski
NCCR FINRISK, No. 719, 2011.

Sonstiger Forschungsoutput (1)

Why do investors disagree? The role of a dispersed news flow
Henrik Hasseltoft, Michal Dzielinski

Zeitungsartikel (1)

Wie die Medien Teil des Systems sind
Thorsten Hens, Michal Dzielinski
Finanz und Wirtschaft, 27 Juni 2012.