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Journal Articles (2)

Baseline choice and performance implications for REDD
Anca Pana, Jonathan Gheyssens
In: Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, Vol. 5 (No. 1), p. 79-124, 2016.

Is there room for geoengineering in the optimal climate policy mix?
Olivier Bahn, Marc Chesney, Jonathan Gheyssens, Reto Knutti, Anca Pana
In: Environmental Science & Policy, Vol. 48, p. 67-76, April 2015.

Bücher (1)

Environmental finance and investments
Marc Chesney, Jonathan Gheyssens, Anca Pana, Luca Taschini
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2016.

Dissertationen (1)

Contributions to the Economics of Climate Change Mitigation
Anca Pana
Betreuer: Marc Chesney
University of Zurich, 2015.