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Associate Professor of Fintech - Experimental Finance

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Journal Articles (9)

All's Well That Ends Well? On the Importance of How Returns Are Achieved
Daniel Grosshans, Stefan Zeisberger
In: Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 87, p. 397-410, Februar 2018.

Do we measure overconfidence? A closer look at the interval production task
Ferdinand Langnickel, Stefan Zeisberger
In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 128, p. 121-133, Mai 2016.

Improving Investment Decisions with Simulated Experience
Meike A S Bradbury, Thorsten Hens, Stefan Zeisberger
In: Review of Finance, Vol. 19 (No. 3), p. 1019-1052, 2015.

The impact of monetary policy on stock market bubbles and trading behavior: evidence from the lab
Urs Fischbacher, Thorsten Hens, Stefan Zeisberger
In: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 37 (No. 10), p. 2104-2122, 2013.

Measuring the time stability of prospect theory preferences
Stefan Zeisberger, Dennis Vrecko, Thomas Langer
In: Theory and Decision, Vol. 72 (No. 3), p. 359-386, 2012.

Why does myopia decrease the willingness to invest? Is it myopic loss aversion or myopic loss probability aversion?
Stefan Zeisberger, Thomas Langer, Martin Weber
In: Theory and Decision, Vol. 72 (No. 1), p. 35-50, 2012.

Management Guidance – Bevorzugen professionelle Kapitalmarkt-teilnehmer wirklich Punktprognosen?
Joachim Lammert, Christoph Watrin, Stefan Zeisberger
In: Zeitschrift für Planung und Unternehmenssteuerung, Vol. 21, p. 349-364, 2011.

Investment horizon ant the attractiveness of investment strategies: A behavioral approach
Maik Dierkes, Carsten Erner, Stefan Zeisberger
In: Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 34 (No. 5), p. 1032-1046, Mai 2010.

A Note on Myopic Loss Aversion and the Equity Premium Puzzle
Mark Trede, Thomas Langer, Stefan Zeisberger
In: Finance Research Letters, 2007.

Working Papers (3)

How Investment Performance Affects the Formation and Use of Beliefs
Daniel Grosshans, Stefan Zeisberger, Ferdinand Langnickel
SSRN, No. 2972112, Mai 2017.

How Risk Simulations Improve Long-Term Investment Decisions
Meike A S Bradbury, Stefan Zeisberger, Thorsten Hens
SSRN, No. 2603780, Januar 2016.

How Important is the Probability of Loss in Investment Decisions?
Stefan Zeisberger
SSRN, No. 2169394, 2012.