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Journal Articles (3)

How Media Coverage of Corporate Social Irresponsibility Increases Financial Risk Media Coverage of Corporate Social Irresponsibility
Julian F. Kölbel, Timo Busch, Leonhardt M. Jancso
In: Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 38 (No. 11), p. 2266-2284, March 2017.

More than money: exploring the role of investment advisors for sustainable investing
Falko Paetzold, Timo Busch, Marc Chesney
In: Annals in Social Responsibility, Vol. 1 (No. 1), p. 195-223, September 2015.

Unleashing the powerful few: sustainable investing behaviour of wealthy private investors
Falko Paetzold, Timo Busch
In: Organization & Environment, Vol. 27 (No. 4), p. 347-367, December 2014.

Working Papers (1)

Cognitive Barriers to Sustainable Investing: Unleashing the Power of Wealthy Private Investors
Falko Paetzold, Timo Busch
DSF Policy Paper, No. 41, March 2014.