Verantwortung in den Finanzmärkten: Eine interdisziplinäre Perspektive
Lecture (Ringvorlesung) at the Department of Banking and Finance, for bachelor students.

Other selected Responsiblity Issues in Research and Teaching (in alphabetical order)

  • Derivatives and Systemic Risk (Chesney)
  • Development of Ethical Toolkits (Tanner, Christen)
  • Environmental Issues in Finance (Chesney)
  • Ethical Principles in Banking (Hirszowicz)
  • Ethical/Moral Decision Making (Tanner)
  • Ethical/Moral Values and Ethical Competences (Tanner)
  • Ethical/Responsible Leadership (Tanner)
  • Informed Trading Activities (Chesney)
  • Management Compensation Systems (Maranghino-Singer)
  • Regulation of and Control in Banking (Hirszowicz)
  • Regulation of OTC-Derivatives (Chesney)
  • Regulation of Shadow Banking System (Maranghino-Singer)
  • Social Responsibility in Finance (Maranghino-Singer)