Research Priority Program: "Finance and Financial Markets"

The University Research Priority Program “Finance and Financial Markets” started in 2004 and was integrated in the Department of Banking and Finance as Research Priority Program at the beginning of 2008. The aim of the URPP and the RPP was, on the one hand, to analyse interactions between financial markets and macro-economy and, on the other hand, to link new areas and approaches to finance, such as behavioural sciences, ethics and law with traditional methods of financial markets theory and to conduct an interdisciplinary research. These topics were investigated within the following five projects: 

  • Behavioural Finance Aspects of Portfolio Management, lead: Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeisberger
  • Corporate Finance, lead: Prof. Dr. Alexander F. Wagner
  • Law, Regulation and Finance, lead: Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber
  • Financial Aspects in Macroeconomics, lead: Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Zilibotti
  • Quantitative Finance, lead: Prof. Dr. Ashkan Nikeghbali

By means of these projects scientifically as well as practically and politically relevant issues were explored.

Head of the URPP and the RPP was Prof. Dr. Marc Chesney, Managing Director Dr. Brigitte Maranghino-Singer.

The RPP was terminated in summer 2015.