Dr. Zhigang Feng - Publications

Postdoktorand Prof. F. Kübler


Working Papers (1)

The Effect of Time-Consistent Capital Taxation on Capital Accumulation and Welfare
Zhigang Feng, Begoña Domínguez
SSRN, No. 2084721, September 2012.

Conference or Workshop Paper (5)

Time consistent optimal fiscal policy over the business cycle
Zhigang Feng
In: Midwest Macro Meeting, p. 1-39, May 2012.

Consequences of valuing health: A macroeconomic perspective
Zhigang Feng, Pedro Gomis-Porqueras
In: 8th World Congress on Health Economics, p. 1-16, July 2011.

Numerical simulation of the overlapping generations models with indeterminacy
Zhigang Feng
In: Washington University, p. 1-23, November 2010.

Numerical simulation of nonoptimal dynamic equilibrium models
Zhigang Feng, Adrian Peralta-Alva, Manuel S Santos
In: Zurich Center for Computational Financial Economics and North American Winter Meetings of the Econometric Society, Atlanta, September 2009.