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Managing Director, Head of Administration
PLM-H 323, Plattenstr. 14, 8032 Zürich
+41 44 634 29 46
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Studies and Reports Commissoned (4)

The International Private Banking Study 2015
Urs Birchler, Christian Bührer, René Hegglin, Michael Reichenecker

The International Private Banking Study 2013
Urs Birchler, Christian Bührer, René Hegglin, Lukas Meier, Florian Reeh

Aktienbesitz in der Schweiz 2010
Urs Birchler, Rudolf Volkart, René Hegglin, Daniel Ettlin

Faktische Staatsgarantie für Grossbanken
Urs Birchler, René Hegglin, Diana Festl-Pell, Inke Nyborg

Dissertations (1)

Three Essays on Empirical Banking
René Hegglin
Supervisor(s): Urs Birchler
University of Zurich, 2017.

Working Papers (1)

Which Swiss Gnomes Attract Money? Efficiency and Reputation as Performance Drivers of Wealth Management Banks
Urs Birchler, René Hegglin, Michael Reichenecker, Alexander F. Wagner
Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper, No. 16-25, January 2017.

Bachelor Theses (1)

SWIFT Message Correlation and Causation Analysis
René Hegglin
Supervisor(s): Hans Geiger
University of Zurich, 2008.

Media coverage (2)

What factors can play a role in the success of Swiss wealth management banks?
Concerns: Alexander F. Wagner
SFI Blog, 19 January 2017.

Weshalb die Schweizer Aktienmuffel sind
Concerns: Urs Birchler, Rudolf Volkart, Daniel Ettlin, René Hegglin
Finanz und Wirtschaft, 14 July 2016.