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Assistent Prof. M. Leippold

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Journal Articles (1)

A remark on Lin's and Chang's pager 'Consistent modelling of S&P500 and VIX derivatives'
Markus Leippold, Jun Cheng, Meriton Ibraimi, Jin E Zhang
In: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 36 (No. 5), p. 716-718, 2012.

Dissertations (1)

Essays on Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Systemic Risk Modeling
Meriton Ibraimi
Supervisor(s): Markus Leippold
University of Zurich, 2015.

Working Papers (1)

The Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing on Measurable Spaces under Uncertainty
Markus Leippold, Meriton Ibraimi
SSRN, No. 2257882, 2013.