Past conferences

Date Conference Location
FINEXUS Conference on Financial Networks & Sustainability KOL-G-201, Rämistr. 71
Swiss Risk Association event: Stormy waters or calm seas? KOH-B-10, Rämistr. 71
Swiss Risk Association event: Artificial Intelligence ETH, Rämistr. 101
Swiss Risk Association event – Panel Discussion with the Chi UZH
Conference on Financial Networks and Sustainability UZH Aula, Rämistrasse 71
Swiss Risk Association event on Bitcoin & Blockchain UZH
Swiss Risk Association event with André Blattmann, Head of t KOL-G-201
ETH Risk Day 2016 HG-E-7
Swiss Risk Association event with Christine Novakovic and Ba KOL-G-201
Zurich Initiative on Computational Economics (ZICE) UZH
ETH Risk Day 2015 HG-E-7
Quantitative Finance Seminar KOL-G-210
Swiss Risk Association event KOL-G-201
Public Mini-Conference on Optimal Taxation Room PLM 103/104 at Plattenstrasse 14, 1st floor
Conference "NGOs versus Regulators" LEE E 101, Leonhardstr. 21
Zurich Initiative on Computational Economics (ZICE) UZH
Swiss Risk Association - Swiss Finance Institute Event: Risks for the financial place Switzerland
Raum KOH-B-10, Rämistrasse 71
Global Systems Science (GSS) 3rd Open Conference Brussels, Belgium
European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'14) Lucca, Italy
Risk Day 2014 ETHZ
Jahrestagung des UFSP "Finanzmarktregulierung" Aula UZH, Rämistrasse 71
Swiss Risk Association Event "Recent Development in Risk Measures and Regulation in Insurance" SOC-F-106, Rämistrasse 69
International Monetary Fund: Interconnectedness - Building Bridges between Research and Policy Washington, D.C, USA
Forum Finanzmarktregulierung RAI-G-041, Rämistrasse 74
The European Winter Finance Summit Zermatt
Zurich Initiative on Computational Economics (ZICE) 2014 UZH
PRMIA Event "Has the Regulatory Tsunami stabilised the Financial System?" UZH
PRMIA Event "Challenges and Changes in Risk Management" Zürich
ETH Risk Day 2013 ETHZ
Computation, Economics and Finance - Workshop in honor of Ken Judd on the occasion of his 60th birthday UZH
ZICE13 (Zurich Initiative on Computational Economics) UZH
Finethikon Zürich
Connecting Minds: Podiumsdiskussion (mit Prof. Thorsten Hens) Zürich
Sino-Swiss Joint Workshop on Behavioral Finance and Quantitative Risk Management Beijing, China
Asset Management Forum 2012 UZH
Connecting Minds: Podiumsdiskussion (mit Prof. Jean-Charles Rochet) Zürich
CCFZ Research Seminar ETHZ
Conference on Mathematical Finance - in honour of the 65th anniversary of Prof. Dr. Freddy Delbaen ETHZ
ETH Risk Day 2012 ETHZ
30th SUERF Colloquium - States, Banks, and the Financing of the Economy UZH
PRMIA Event: Talk on Management Challenges and Modelling Challenges Zürich
PRMIA Zurich Chapter Event "Reshaping the Financial Industry as a Result of Basel III and Other Structural Trends" Zürich
CCFZ Reserach Seminar: "Information Percolation in Segmented Markets" by Prof. Darell Duffie, UZH UZH
PRMIA Zurich Chapter Event "The Swiss Solvency Test" ETHZ
1st Financial Econometrics Workshop of the Swiss Finance Institute UZH
Financial System Stability Zürich
PRMIA Zurich Chapter Event "From Stress Tests to Stressed Insurance Companies and Pension Funds" UZH
PRMIA Zurich Chapter Event "Alternative Investments Post 2008 - a New Paradigm" Zürich
ETH Risk Day 2011 ETHZ
2011 Zurich Initiative on Computational Financial Economics (ZICE) Zürich
Asset Management Forum 2011 UZH
Workshop in honor of Ivar Ekeland Zürich
PRIMA Zurich Chapter Event "The Road Ahead: Banking Regulation in Switzerland" ETHZ
PRIMIA Zurich Chapter Event "Risks and Rewards in Central Banks Policy Operations: A Risk Management Perspective" ETHZ
Risk Day 2010 ETHZ
Asset Management Forum 2010 UZH
Risk Day 2009 ETHZ
Zurich Center for Computational Financial Economics - Workshop for Computational Financial Economics UZH
Asset Management Forum 2009 UZH
Workshop on Essentials of Enterprise Risk Management Zürich
9. Schweizerischer Ökonomentag 2008 Zürich
The Credit Crisis UZH
Risk Day 2008 ETHZ
Asset Management Forum 2008 UZH
Der Finanzplatz Schweiz: Präsentation des Forschungsprojektes Swiss Financial Center Watch (SFCW) UZH
Asset Management Forum 2007 UZH
Risk Day 2007 ETHZ
Neuro Finance Symposium Zürich
Commercial Bankers Forum (CBF) Zürich
Workshop on Solvency UZH
Risk Day 2006 ETHZ
Asset Management Forum 2006 UZH
Risk Day 2005 ETHZ
Risk Day 2004 ETHZ
Finanzkompetenz am Wissenschaftsplatz Zürich Zürich