Wharton Interface

Wharton Interface allows access through a unitary surface. The University of Zurich subscribed the following licences:

  • CRSP Daily US Stock Returns and Treasuries (provided by the Department of Banking and Finance)
  • Optionmetrics: global database US-options (provided by the Department of Banking and Finance).
  • Compustat: accounting data of US firms as well as of companies worldwide. The data reach far back and are available as quarterly and yearly data (provided by the Swiss Finance Institute)
  • Execucomp: remuneration of managers at stock exchange quoted companies in the US (provided by Swiss Finance Institute)
  • IBES: analysts’ forecasts (provided by Swiss Finance Institute)
  • Thomson Reuters 13F and Insider Data: Share transactions by company insiders and investment firms from the USA (provided by Swiss Finance Institute)

PhD students, senior assistants as wells as professors (who are either matriculated or employed at the University of Zurich) as well as students writing a thesis or papers with a uzh-professor can obtain a personal account to the Wharton Interface. With such an account Wharton Databases can be accessed through Internet from anywhere.

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If you have any questions, please contact the WRDS Representative of the Department of Banking and Finance by email: