Dr. Luca Taschini - Publications

Postdoktorand Prof. M. Chesney


Journal Articles (4)

Experimental comparison between markets on dynamic permit trading and investment in irreversible abatement with and without non-regulated companies
Marc Chesney, Luca Taschini, Mei Wang
In: Journal of Regulatory Economics, Vol. 46 (No. 1), p. 23-50, August 2014.

The endogenous price dynamics of emission allowances and an application to CO2 option pricing
Marc Chesney, Luca Taschini
In: Applied Mathematical Finance, Vol. 19 (No. 5), p. 447-475, November 2012.

Entry and exit decision problem with implementation delay
Marius Costeniuc, Michaela Schnetzer, Luca Taschini
In: Journal of Applied Probability, Vol. 45 (No. 4), p. 1039-1059, December 2008.

An econometric analysis of emission allowance prices
Marc Paolella, Luca Taschini
In: Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 32 (No. 10), p. 2022-2032, October 2008.

Articles (non-refereed) (1)

Leading by example
Luca Taschini
In: Trading Carbon, No. April, p. 36-37, April 2008.

Books (1)

Environmental finance and investments
Marc Chesney, Jonathan Gheyssens, Anca Pana, Luca Taschini
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2016.

Book Chapters (1)

Emissions Markets and Products
Marc Chesney, Luca Taschini, Jonathan Gheyssens
Editor(s): Andrea Roncoroni
In: Handbook of Multi-Commodity Markets and Products: Structuring, Trading and Risk Managemen, Wiley, Hoboken, p. 223-254, 2015.

Dissertations (1)

An Empirical and Theoretical Study on Emission Permits
Luca Taschini
Supervisor(s): Marc Chesney
University of Zurich, 2008.

Working Papers (3)

Tradable permits schemes and new technology adoption
Santiago Moreno-Bromberg, Luca Taschini
NCCR FINRISK Working Paper Series, No. 860, July 2013.

Pollution permits, Strategic Trading and Dynamic Technology Adoption
Luca Taschini, Santiago Moreno-Bromberg
SSRN, No. 1786679, 2011.

Regulated and non-regulated companies, technology adoption in experimental markets for emission permits, and option contracts
Marc Chesney, Luca Taschini, Mei Wang
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, No. 41, 2011.