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Fall term 2017

No. Links Course Lecturers Comments
1010 Advanced Corporate Finance I (E) J. Woschitz
1011 Advanced Corporate Finance I (L) K. Nyborg
1028 Advanced Portfolio Management Game (S) B. Wilding
1038 Advances in Computational Economics and Finance HS17 (S) F. Kübler
K. Schmedders
1110 Asset Allocation and Alternative Investments (L) A. Fusetti
A. Reichlin
S. Skaanes
1111 Asset Management: Investments (LE) M. Häberli
B. Wilding


1144 Banking Game: Gesamtführung einer Bank (BS) R. Hegglin
B. Wilding
A. Zgraggen

Das Seminar zählt zum FS 18.

1148 Banking: Regulation and Supervision (BS) U. Birchler
S. Kilgus

Vorbesprechung: 28.11.2017. Das Seminar zählt zum FS 18.

1216 Bank Treasury Management (L)
1217 Banking (LE) R. Hegglin
P. Lautenschlager


1218 Banking and Finance I (LE) A. Wagner
R. Hegglin
P. Lautenschlager


1219 Banking: Structured Products (S) B. Wilding


1265 Betriebswirtschaftliche Steuerlehre II (Taxation of Companies II) (L) U. Landolf
M. Widrig
1327 Business- & Finance-Game (S) J. Braun
P. Meyer
B. Wilding
1329 CFA Investment Challenge (S) M. Habib
C. Wenk
1421 Corporate Finance (L) A. Wagner
1422 Corporate Finance (L) M. Habib
1423 Corporate Finance (LE) A. Wagner
R. Helbling


1437 Counterparty Credit Risk Management (L) F. Anfuso
D. Karyampas
1555 Doctoral Colloquium in Corporate Finance (S) K. Nyborg
1563 Doktorandenkolloquium (Colloquium for Doctoral Students) (S) T. Hens
1646 Economic Foundations for Finance (E) R. Hammerschmid
1647 Economic Foundations for Finance (L) T. Hens
H. Fehr-Duda
1744 Environmental and financial sustainability (L) M. Chesney
J. Krakow
1820 Finance with Excel (S) S. Braun
J. Braun
L. Neubert
M. Reichlin
B. Wilding

Diese Veranstaltung findet im Mai 2018 als Blockseminar statt und wird im FS18 angerechnet.

1924 Financial Engineering (LE) M. Leippold
1969 Fortgeschrittene Mikroökonomik für die BWL (Ü) (Advanced Microeconomics for Business Administration) (E) T. Hens
1970 Fortgeschrittene Mikroökonomik für die BWL (Advanced Microeconomics for Business Administration) (L) T. Hens
2027 Geschichte des Finanzplatzes Schweiz (History of the Swiss Financial Center) (L) R. Meier
2209 Interdisziplinäres Seminar Mergers and Acquisitions (Interdisciplinary seminar mergers and acquisitions) (S) H. Vogt
A. Wagner
R. Watter
2211 Intermediate Corporate Finance (S) M. Habib
2215 International Tax Planning (L) J. Haverals
2258 Introduction to Systemic Risk and Financial Networks (S) S. Battiston
2261 Introduction to systematic risk premia strategies traded at hedge funds (L) P. Kallerhoff
2728 Macro-Finance (L) F. Kübler
2807 Mathematical Finance: Mathematical Finance and Derivatives (S) M. Chesney
2808 Mathematical and Computational Statistics with a View Towards Finance and Risk Management (L) M. Paolella
2876 Microeconomics of Insurance (L) P. Koch Medina
C. Munari
2877 Microfinance (L) A. Krauss
2941 Modern Crime in Financial Markets (L) D. Coculescu
2967 Money and Banking (LE) A. Rapaport
3133 Portfolio Management Theory 1 (S) T. Hens
A. Schnebel
M. Uhl
A. Ziegler
3134 Portfolio Management Implementation 1 (S) T. Hens
A. Ziegler
3181 Private Banking: Aktuelle Herausforderungen in der Vermögensverw. (PB: Current Challenges in Wealth Mgmt) (S) C. Bührer
3182 Private Banking: Integrierter Ansatz in der Praxis (The Practice of Private Banking) (S) O. P. Müller
B. Wilding
A. Zgraggen
T. Zirn
3255 Public Debt Management (L) A. Ranaldo
3371 Research Seminar BBLS Banking & Finance HS17 (S) P. Östberg
3395 Research Seminar in Contract Theory, Banking and Money I HS 17 (S) S. Ongena
J. Rochet
H. Gersbach
3403 Research-Seminar Finance (S) M. Chesney
M. Habib
T. Hens
F. Kübler
M. Leippold
A. Nikeghbali
K. Nyborg
S. Ongena
M. Paolella
J. Rochet
E. Farkas
H. Fehr-Duda
P. Koch Medina
P. Östberg
C. Tanner
A. Wagner
S. Battiston
3719 Startup Seminar Banking & Finance 2.0 (S) S. Steude
D. Wensauer
3745 Sustainability and the Finance Sector (S) A. Odette Favier
K. Serafimova
3761 Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance (S) P. Östberg
3763 Taming the Data (L) R. Bürgi
P. Fonseca
3782 The Economy of Risk in Insurance (L) M. Dacorogna
3822 Management of Strategic Corporate Transactions (L) W. Weigel
3874 Unternehmensberichterstattung und Corporate Governance (Value Reporting and Corporate Governance) (S) A. Wagner
S. Behnk
3902 Valuation (S) R. Volkart
C. Hirzel
T. Vettiger
4015 Wiederholungsprüfung Financial Economics (Re-examination) (EX) T. Hens
4244 Re-examination: Exercises in Advanced Financial Economics (EX) F. Kübler
4246 Re-examination Advanced Financial Economics (EX) D. Kryczka
L. Mazzone
4268 Agent-Based Financial Economics (LE) L. Meisser
4294 Introduction to Machine Learning (S) M. Leippold
B. Zimmermann
4383 Fundamental Probability for Finance (I+II) (L) J. Näf
4396 Linear Models and Time-Series Analysis: Regression, ARMA and GARCH (L) M. Paolella
4440 Portfolio Theory and Applications (S) W. Ziemba
4470 Re-examination Corporate Finance II (EX) B. Affolter
B. Wilding
4524 Matlab for Portfolio Management (L) A. Ziegler
4575 The macroeconomic analysis of bank capital regulation (S) S. Ongena
4698 Investor Psychology (S) S. Zeisberger