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Fall term 2015

No. Links Course Lecturers Comments
483 Advanced Portfolio Management Game (S) B. Wilding

Registration deadline: 30.06.15

485 Asset Allocation and Alternative Investments (BL) A. Fusetti
A. Reichlin
S. Skaanes
551 Financial Engineering (LE) M. Leippold
389 Asset Management: Investments (LE) B. Wilding
C. Bührer
577 Doctoral Colloquium in Corporate Finance (S) K. Nyborg

Registration deadline: 21.08.15

518 Microfinance (L) A. Krauss
553 History of Economics and Banking (S) E. Allgoewer
U. Birchler

Limited number of participants

Alle Tage Raum GLT-A-01

467 Unternehmensberichterstattung und Corporate Governance (Value Reporting and Corporate Governance) (S) E. Binakaj

Registration deadline: 28.05.15

539 Valuation (BS) R. Volkart
C. Hirzel
T. Vettiger
546 Corporate Finance (L) K. Nyborg
A. Wagner
291 Corporate Finance I (LE) A. Wagner


393 Business- & Finance-Game (S) B. Wilding

Limited number of participants

509 Interdisziplinäres Seminar Mergers and Acquisitions (Interdisciplinary seminar mergers and acquisitions) (S) A. Wagner
C. Köpe
334 Finance (LE) P. Lautenschlager
T. Hens
R. Meier
P. Meyer
S. von Flüe
L. Graf


559 Research-Seminar Finance (S) T. Hens
et al.
556 Portfoliomanagement Theorie 1 (S) T. Hens
A. Ziegler
A. Schnebel
M. Uhl
501 Fortgeschrittene Mikroökonomik für die BWL (Advanced Microeconomics for Business Administration) (E) A. Brune
545 CFA Investment Challenge (S) M. Habib
J. Rojcek

Registration deadline: 20.09.15
First lecture (mandatory): 17.09.15

547 Counterparty Credit Risk Management (BL) E. Farkas
F. Anfuso
D. Karyampas
550 Financial and environmental sustainability (L) M. Chesney
463 Sustainability and the Finance Sector (S) A. Odette Favier
K. Serafimova

Limited number of participants
Kick-Off meeting: 17.07.15

604 Mathematical Finance: Mathematical Finance and Derivatives (S) M. Chesney
623 Research Seminar BBLS Banking & Finance HS15 (S) T. Hens
et al.
554 Mathematical Financial Economics - A Basic Introduction (L) I. Evstigneev
4483 Startup Seminar Banking & Finance 2.0 (S) S. Steude
D. Wensauer

Registration deadline: 27.09.2015

4751 Introduction to Systemic Risk and Financial Networks (S) S. Battiston
FS16 - Banking Game: Gesamtführung einer Bank (BS) U. Birchler
D. Festl-Pell
C. Rüttimann
C. Frei

Anmeldung: ab 14.09.2015
Durchführung I: 20.01.2016 - 22.01.2016
Durchführung II: 25.01.2016 - 27.01.2016

FS16 - Finance with Excel (S) (BS) J. Braun
L. Neubert
M. Reichlin
B. Wilding