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Fall term 2014

538 Valuation (BS) T. Vettiger
C. Hirzel
R. Volkart

Anmeldeschluss: 30.04.14

469 Unternehmensberichterstattung und Corporate Governance (BS) M. Reichlin

23.06. - 04.07.14
Im HS14 angerechnet.
Bewerbungsfrist: 29.05.14

465 Sustainability and the Finance Sector (BS) M. Chesney

01.09. - 04.09.14
To be credited in HS14.
Application deadline: 31.07.14

553 History of Economics and Banking (BS) U. Birchler

09.09. - 12.09.14
Introductory event: 08.05.14

484 Advanced Portfolio Management Game (BS) B. Wilding

08.09. - 11.09.14
Bewerbungsfrist: 30.06.2014

389 Business- & Finance-Game (BS) P. Lautenschlager
B. Wilding

25.08. - 29.08.14
Bewerbungsfirst (für 3. Semestrige): 4.08.2014

4586 Evolutionary Models of Financial Markets (BL) K. Schenk-Hoppé

18.08. - 22.08.14

557 Portfoliomanagement Theorie 1 (S) T. Hens
A. Ziegler
E. Diener
A. Schnebel

Bewerbungsfrist: 24.09.2014, 8.00 Uhr

329 Finance (LE) T. Hens
N. Hebeisen
P. Lautenschlager
R. Meier
P. Meyer
A. Zgraggen
287 Corporate Finance I (LE) A. Wagner
464 Startup Seminar Banking & Finance 2.0 (S) A. Frei
P. Lautenschlager
S. Steude

Informationsveranstaltung: 16.09.14
Bewerbungsfrist: 28.09.14

388 Betriebswirtschaftliche Steuerlehre II (Taxation of Companies II) (L) R. Küttel
U. Landolf
M. Widrig
288 Financial Markets and Institutions (L) U. Birchler


418 Intermediate Corporate Finance (S) M. Habib
551 Financial Risk Management (L) M. Bardenhewer


560 Research-Seminar Finance (S) T. Hens
et al.
500 Fortgeschrittene Mikroökonomik für die BWL (Advanced Microeconomics for Business Administration) (L) T. Hens
S. Zeisberger
501 Fortgeschrittene Mikroökonomik für die BWL (Ü) (Advanced Microeconomics for Business Administration) (E) A. Brune
517 Microfinance (L) A. Krauss
550 Financial Engineering (LE) M. Leippold
508 International Tax Planning (L) J. Haverals
580 Doktorandenkolloquium (Colloquium for Doctoral Students) (S) T. Hens
430 Investments (LE) B. Wilding

Findet nicht statt - ersetzt durch "Asset Management: Investments".

562 The Economy of Risk in Insurance (L) M. Dacorogna
546 Economic Foundations for Finance (L) J. Goeree
T. Hens
A. Kushnir
547 Economic Foundations for Finance (E) S. Elmiger
T. Weber
486 Asset Allocation and Alternative Investments (BL) A. Fusetti
A. Reichlin
S. Skaanes

08.09. - 10.09.14

494 Empirical Financial Economics (L) H. Hasseltoft
541 Advanced Corporate Finance I (Mandatory Management & Economics / Quantitative Finance) (L) K. Nyborg
602 Internal Research Seminar BBLS (S) M. Chesney
M. Habib
552 Geschichte des Finanzplatzes Schweiz (History of the Swiss Financial Center) (L) R. Meier
476 Advanced Corporate Finance I (Mandatory Banking & Finance) (L) M. Habib
502 Fundamental Probability for Finance (I+II) (L) M. Paolella
558 Re-examination Advanced Financial Economics (EX) T. Hens


4841 Wiederholungsprüfung Introduction to Financial Economics (Re-examination) (EX) F. Kübler


561 Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance (L) P. Östberg
579 Doctoral Colloquium in Corporate Finance (S) K. Nyborg

Registration deadline: 22.08.2014

521 Public Debt Management (L) A. Ranaldo
E. Rossi
559 Re-examination: Exercises in Advanced Financial Economics (EX) N. Caliskan


554 Introduction to Matlab with Applications in Finance (S) N. Caliskan

2.-5. Sept.: SOF-E-17
9. Sept.: KO2-F-174
10. Sept.: RAI-F-41

611 Microeconomics for Research Students Part I (Ph.D.) (L) F. Kübler
612 Microeconomics for Research Students Part I (Ph.D.) (E) F. Kübler
572 Corporate Finance (L) K. Nyborg
A. Wagner
609 Mathematical Finance: Mathematical Finance and Derivatives (S) M. Chesney
472 Wiederholungsprüfung Banking: Geld- und Kapitalmarktgeschäfte (Re-examination Banking: Money and Capital Markets) (EX) U. Birchler


473 Wiederholungsprüfung Banking: Kredit- und Einlagengeschäft (Re- ex Banking: Credit and Deposit Business) (EX) U. Birchler


549 Environmental Finance (L) M. Chesney
K. Schartz
545 Credit Risk (L)

Findet nicht statt

510 Macro-Finance (L) J. Brumm
487 Bank Treasury Management (L) A. Blöchlinger
548 Empirical Corporate Finance: Methodology and Applications (L) Z. Wang

Findet nicht statt

544 Counterparty Credit Risk Management (L) F. Anfuso
D. Karyampas
555 Microeconomics of Insurance (L) C. Munari
P. Koch Medina
542 Banking Products - Present and Future (L) R. Straw
563 Advances in Computational Economics and Finance HS14 (S) F. Kübler
K. Schmedders
629 Research Seminar in Contract Theory and Banking I HS14 (S) S. Ongena
J. Rochet
C. Célérier
4555 CFA Investment Challenge (S) M. Habib

Registration deadline: 21.09.14

4901 Asset Management: Investments (LE) B. Wilding
4902 Wiederholungsprüfung Investments (Re-examination Investments) (EX) B. Wilding