Indications to written papers

Please consider the following description of the application process for written papers at the DBF.

1. General information and requirements

In general, the rules and indications of the Dean’s Office are to be considered: Academic Programs and Graduation.

The requirements for writing a paper at the DBF are a good and well-written Research Proposal (for deviating terms see table below) as well as a deep knowledge of the respective field. Especially the relevant lectures must have been visited and passed with good marks. For writing the Bachelor Thesis at the DBF, the successful completion of the mandatory modules is highly recommended.    

2. Application

To write a paper at the DBF a written application is required. The application must include the subsequent documents/information:

  • Research Proposal
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of performance (Leistungsausweis)

The Research Proposal which summarises motivation, objective, approach and expected results on 2-3 pages, is an integral part of the application and a requirement for writing a paper at the DBF. The following documents serve as a support:

Instructions to write a Research Proposal

Example of a Research Proposal

Based on your Research Proposal, you will receive the final assignment tasks. The DBF reserves the right to require corrections and changes in the proposal, to provide another topic or to reject your application.

The topic is proposed by the students themselves. The research and interest fields of the assistants, listed in the table below, as well as the possible specific selections of topics might aid to make a decision.

The application has to be submitted at least one month before the desired starting month. If you would like to start in the beginning of May, for example, you have to apply until the end of March.

The DBF strives to give every applicant the opportunity to write a paper at the DBF. Applications can be rejected by particular chairs for reasons of capacity though. In case of doubt, the chair makes a decision between the applicants. Please consider the availability in the subsequent table (column: Availability). In case of any uncertainties/problems concerning a rejection of your application, do not hesitate to contact the tuition coordinator and manager of the DBF, Dr. Benjamin Wilding, by e-mail (subject: Paper rejected). 

The application ought to be directed in time to one of the following addresses by e-mail:

ChairContactField of interest, topic suggestions, remarksAvailability

Prof. Dr. Stefano Battiston

Systemic risk, Financial Systems and networks, social economic networks

Daniela Carnassale

Field of interest: Empirical analysis of large economic networks and modelling of their dynamic.

At the present time, we can unfortunately accommodate students who are ready to write their thesis in English only.

Slots available

Prof. Dr. Christoph Basten

Banking und Regulation

 Prof. Dr. Christoph Basten    Slots available

Prof. Dr. Marc Chesney

Microfinance, Financial Sector Development

Dr. Annette Krauss

Center for Microfinance

More information at

Limited availability

Prof. Dr. Marc Chesney

Quantitative Finance, Sustainable and Responsible Finance, Environmental Finance

Dr. Brigitte Maranghino-Singer

  • Effects of negative interests on option pricing
  • Stamp Tax and Tobin Tax in Switzerland, UK and EU

Limited availability

Prof. Dr. Erich Walter Farkas

Mathematical Finance and Quantitative Risk Management

Ludovic Mathys

Mathematical Finance and Quantitative Risk Management

More information and topics

Slots available

Prof. Dr. Helga Fehr-Duda

Sean Hofland

Field: Decision theory and experimental decision research

Topics: Experiments on individual decision making under risk, intertemporal choice, interactions between time and risk, stochastic modeling

Slots available

Prof. Dr. Michel Antoine Habib

Corporate Finance

Beatrice Rothenbach-Seiler

English only.

At the present time, we can unfortunately only accommodate students who are ready to write their thesis in English

Limited availability

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens

Financial Economics, Behavioral Finance

Marie Hardelauf

Please contact for applications.

Limited availability

Prof. Dr. Felix Kübler

Financial Economics

Ally Quan Zhang

Requests have to be in English. The thesis may be written in English or German, depending on the supervisor.

Slots available

Prof. Dr. Markus Leippold


Michal Svaton

Asset Pricing, Asset Allocation, Quantitative Finance, Financial Engineering.

Note: The thesis should be written in English and if possible with LaTex.

LaTex Template BA
LaTex Template MA
LaTex Template MSc QF

Limited availability

Prof. Dr. Pablo Koch Medina


Lilian Vögeli

Insurance and Mathematical Finance

Slots available

Prof. Dr. Cosimo-Andrea Munari


Lilian Vögeli Insurance and Mathematical Finance Slots available

Prof. Dr. Kjell Nyborg


Philipp Lentner

English only.

Please send us together with your application an outline of approx. 2 pages A4 summarizing your planned thesis.

For further information look up the file for Bachelor and Master Theses at Chair Nyborg

Slots available

Prof. Dr. Kjell Nyborg


Dr. Marcel Widrig For Bachelor- and Master thesis at PwC in the field of taxation more information can be found on this leaflet ]Merkblatt Wissenschaftliche Arbeit PwC Slots available

Prof. Dr. Steven Ongena


Ruth Häfliger English preferred.

Limited availability

Prof. Dr. Per Östberg

Corporate Finance

Dietmar Dorn

English only.

Corporate Finance, Investments, Liquidity

Please send us together with your application an outline of approx. 2 pages A4 summarizing your planned thesis.

Slots available

Prof. Dr. Marc Paolella


Prof. Dr. Marc Paolella

At the present time, we can unfortunately only accomodate students who are ready to write their thesis in English and also in LaTeX.
Multivariate modeling, financial asset return, portfolio optimization, use of statistical and machine learning methods for prediction.

limited availability

Prof. Dr. Carmen Tanner

Moral/Ethical Decision Making and Behavior, Ethical/Responsible Leadership, Moral Intelligence, Behavioral Business Ethics & Organisational Culture

David Schmocker   Limited availability

Prof. Dr. Alexander F. Wagner

Corporate Finance

Marco Ceccarelli

Zitierstandard (Journal of Finance)

Limited availability

Prof Dr. Stefan Zeisberger

Behavioral finance, experimental finance, FinTech, financial advice, risk communication, investor psychology & decision making

Prof Dr. Stefan Zeisberger    Limited availability


3. Procedure

Usually, the applicants are informed at the latest two working weeks after the receipt of the application whether they have the possibility to write a paper at the IBF or not. In case of a positive answer, the responsible assistant will contact and inform you about the further procedure. Based on the Research Proposal, the final assignment of tasks will be specified and deposited at the Dean’s office.

Important: The IBF reserves the right to require corrections or to set another topic. The students are not entitled to topics chosen by them.

The period of six months starts with the personal acceptance of the topic at the Dean’s Office. Please have the exact deadline confirmed by the Dean’s office. The thesis has to be handed in at the Dean’s Office at the expiration of the time.

4. Literature Research

Literature research has priority during the initial phase of the thesis writing. To optimally prepare the students for this task, the DBF provides a 90-minute Literaturrecherche-Workshop in corporation with the Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB) at the beginning of each term. (An individual research consulting is also possible.) 

5. Other matters

Impressions of the thesis

For the printing of your paper, we recommend Dienstleistung der Zentralstelle der Studentenschaften der UZH (ZSUZ).