Making Data Work for Women: Innovative AI for Women’s Financial Inclusion

Dr. Annette Krauss, Mrinal Mishra, Jonathan Fu and Prof. Steven Ongena from the Department of Banking and Finance and Prof Dr Gerhard Schwabe from the Department of Informatics, in cooperation with Women's World Banking, have beaten stiff competition to become one of only eight awardees in the $10M Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge with their project “Making Data Work for Women: Innovative AI for Women’s Financial Inclusion”.

By harnessing innovations in AI and leveraging the collective experience and technological expertise of the Women's World Banking and UZH, the project aims to positively impact on low-income female entrepreneurs in developing nations by increasing their access to greatly needed capital, and thus creating greater economic stability and prosperity for women, (and by extension their families and communities). To learn more about the project, visit the Women’s World Banking's announcement:

The grant is provided by and launched in partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and The Rockefeller Foundation.