Research Seminar in Contract Theory, Banking and Money (joint with ETH)

Friday, 14:45 - 16:00
Program (PDF, 104 KB)
Date Presenter Topic
18.09. * Simon Rother
University of Bonn
The Role of Social Networks in Bank Lending
25.09. * Kristian Blickle
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
The Myth of the Lead Arranger’s Share
Paper (PDF, 3602 KB)
02.10. ** Philipp Klein
WWU Münster
Better be careful: The replenishment of ABS backed by SME loans
Paper (PDF, 661 KB)
09.10. * Gazi Kabas
Mrinal Mishra
Michele Pelli
Yushi Peng
- U.S. deposits data
- SEC Edgar, Safegraph, and Facteus data
- How an old phone book is helpful for determining bank branch locations
- Chinese real estate data
16.10. * Carola Müller
The disciplining effect of supervisory scrutiny in the EU-wide stress test
23.10. * Jose Maria Serena
International bank lending and corporate debt structure
Paper (PDF, 330 KB)
30.10. *** Andreas Fuster
Swiss National Bank
Mortgage Credit Supply During the COVID-19 Pandemic
06.11. * Fulvia Fringuellotti
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Insurance companies and the growth of corporate loans’ securitization
13.11. *** Tobias Berg
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
Leverage and Risk-Taking
Paper (PDF, 421 KB)
20.11. * Cyril Monnet
University of Bern
The Economics of Decentralized Ledger Technologies
Paper (PDF, 694 KB)
27.11. * Daniel Sanches
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Should Central Banks Issue Digital Currency?
04.12. * Lukas Voellmy
Swiss National Bank
11.12. *** Jean-Charles Rochet
UZH / University of Geneva
18.12. * Emilia Garcia-Appendini
Cultural Proximity and the Formation of Lending Relationships
* Online seminar
** The session will take place in PLM-103/104, AND online.
*** The session is joint with the Finance Seminar, and will take place from 12.15 to 13.30.