Research Seminar in Contract Theory, Banking and Money (joint with ETH)

Friday, 14:45 - 16:00
Program (PDF, 92 KB)
Date Presenter Paper
26.02. Thomas Gehrig
University of Vienna
Speculative and Precautionary Liquidity Demand in Competitive Banking Markets
Paper (PDF, 366 KB)
05.03. Dirk Niepelt
University of Bern
Monetary Policy with Reserves and CBDC: Optimality, equivalence, and politics
12.03. Ricardo Reis
The constraint on public debt when r < g but g < m
Paper (PDF, 329 KB)
19.03. Michaela Pagel
Columbia Business School
Does Saving Cause Borrowing?
Paper (PDF, 1 MB)
26.03. SGF Conference  
16.04. Olivier Darmouni
Columbia Business School
Bank liquidity provision across the firm size distribution
23.04. Pauline Gandré
Université Paris Nanterre
Unintended Consequences of the Global Derivatives Market
Paper (PDF, 640 KB)
30.04. Marc Gabarro
University of Mannheim
Take It to the Limit? The Effects of Household Leverage Caps
Paper (PDF, 685 KB)
07.05. Yao Zeng
Wharton School
FinTech Lending and Cashless Payments
Paper (PDF, 348 KB)
14.05. Ascension Day  
21.05. * Pascal Paul
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
* Please note that this session will take place from 16.15 to 17.30.
28.05. Sasha Indarte
Wharton School
04.06. Yann Koby
Brown University