Day-Ahead Workshop on Financial Regulation

Day-Ahead Workshop on Financial Regulation

The organising team: Alexandra Matyunina, Michele Pelli, Olga Briukhova


The 2007-2008 global financial crisis has triggered a rapid evolution of financial regulation. During the past decade, in response to many challenges, the competent authorities have sharpened their toolkit in order to be equipped for the next global crisis. Now that the Coronavirus shock has sent the economies down to the bottom of the cycle, we suggest reviewing the updated toolkit, examining the consequences of its application and discussing its effectiveness. We would like to gather senior scholars and young researchers working on topics related to financial regulation and financial stability to present their recent results, share new ideas, and discuss future challenges in this area.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a platform and friendly atmosphere for PhD students to receive feedback from esteemed researchers from both academia and policy institutions. Senior mentors will discuss PhD presentations and give a lecture on their research or topic of expertise. The workshop will also feature a keynote panel on the challenges of policy-making in times of severe crises and the research frontiers for sound policy-making.

Future workshops dedicated to supporting the next generation of scholars in finance will take place in the main European financial centers - Frankfurt, London, and Zurich.

Program: Schedule Day-Ahead Workshop (PDF, 70 KB)

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