Media Enquiries

For media enquiries, please contact our Communication Officer Elisabeth Liechti.

Direct media enquiries

The IBF is an independent and non-partisan institution with a high level of expertise in almost all areas of financial market economics. Our specialists are happy to provide information on current topics relating to the financial world.

Please find their direct contacts under People.

Our communication mission

As part of the University of Zurich, the IBF is largely financed by public funds. It is therefore committed to bringing its expertise to the public debate.

The members of the IBF enjoy the freedom of teaching and research. They, therefore, speak first and foremost for themselves. However, the IBF has formulated a code of honor for the public statements of its members.  With an appropriate organization, the IBF ensures that requests from the public and the media reach the right place in a timely manner.

Code of honour

Our statements are factual and reflect the current best state of knowledge. We explicitly try to identify value judgments and political statements that cannot be avoided as such.

We are aware that our opinions affect the reputation of the IBF, the University of Zurich, and academic teaching and research in general.