Sustainability and Responsibility in Banking and Finance

The Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich is a leading research center that conducts a wide range for topics and research interests in the domains of Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics & Quantitative Finance.

In line with the IBF mission statement, we strive to foster value-oriented reflective capabilities, global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness in teaching. The IBF has recently founded a „Center for Responsibility in Finance“ that has an explicit focus on responsibility issues in research and teaching.

In the following you will find some selected courses which are (at least partially) related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Selected Courses with CSR Issues (in alphabetical order)

  • Advanced Corporate Finance I (Habib)
  • Asset Pricing (Chesney)
  • Business Ethics: Psychology & Behavioral Ethics (Tanner)*
  • Continuous Time Quantitative Finance (Chesney)
  • Corporate Finance I (Wagner)
  • Environmental Finance (Chesney)
  • Microfinance (Krauss)
  • Microfinance and Business & Society (Krauss/Sachs)
  • Moral Judgment and Decision Making (Tanner)*
  • New Regulation for the Financial Sector and its Impact on the System (Hirszowicz)
  • Responsible Finance – Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Chesney, Tanner, Hirszowicz, Maranghino-Singer, from 2013).