Student Advisory Services

General Information

The Department of Banking and Finance (DBF) offers a Student Advisory Service for all students studying Banking and Finance in the Bachelor’s or Master’s program at the University of Zurich.

The Student Advisory Service supports both prospective and current students of Banking and Finance on general questions about specializations and in planning their studies.

Possible topics can be general information about the program in Banking and Finance, difficulties in planning the next term, or studying with a disability.

Following, general information and reglements are presented. For any further question you can contact us via mail. Important: Before you contact us, read the program regulations, framework ordinance carefully.

Framework ordinance and regulations

An optimal program preparation and planning starts with good knowledge of the regulations. The regulations consist of framework regulations(part of collection of laws by the Canton Zurich), program regulations (decrees by the faculty) and leaflets(specifications by the faculty).

Regulations of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

New regulations as of HS16

Beginning in the Fall semester 2016 (HS16), a new framework ordinance and a new set of program regulations for all degree programs at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics will be implemented. For an overview of the changes please see:

Changes to the regulations as of HS16

Information on Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral program

Modules completed at other UZH faculties

Credit transfer of courses completed at other UZH faculties is regulated by the dean's office.

Modules completed at other UZH faculties


Are you curious about another culture / university? For more information about exchange programs visit the website of the International Relations Office, the website for mobility of the Dean's Office, or the website about exchange programs at the DBF.

International Relations Office

Mobility Faculty of Economics

Exchange programs at DBF

Letter of recommendation for one or more semesters abroad (OecMobility) (PDF, 484 KB)

More Information and other contact possibilities

Student Advisory Service does not answer questions related to the following topics:

  • Matriculation / Enrollment: For all questions about enrollment to study, please contact the UZH Student Administration Office.
    Student Administration Office of the UZH
  • Master's admission: For questions regarding the admission to the Master's Program  you should contact the Dean's Office.
    Admission to the Master's Program
  • Transition BA / MA: If you have questions about the transition from the Bachelor’s to the Master’s program, you should contact the Dean's Office.
    Dean’s OfficeTransition BA / MA
  • Transfering Coursework: Questions for transfering coursework you should ask the Dean's office.
    Transfering Coursework 
  • Booking modules: Questions about booking modules and exam registration will be answered by the Dean's Office.
    Booking Modules
  • Content of single courses: For information on individual modules you will find all relevant details in the course catalogue or on the course website listed there. If you still have questions or concerns, please first contact the module coordinator.
    Course Catalogue UZH 

Student Advisory Services Contact

For any remaining issues please send an e-mail to
  • Suna Dügünyurdu regarding bachelor related topics
  • Jannick Sicher regarding master related topics