In 2017, the IBF Teaching Center supports experts of the Department of Banking and Finance in the implementation of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "Das liebe Geld - Finance im Alltag" on the platform

Course content and commitment

The MOOC "Das liebe Geld – Finance im Alltag" conveys a basic knowledge for conscious and correct financial decisions in everyday life. By adopting concrete tools, everyday decisions can be made more effectively. In addition, you will gain insight into various recent research discussions.

In 6 weekly moduls (with an effort of about 3-4 hours per week) the goal of solid financial decisions is achieved:

  1. Week: Introduction
  2. Week: Time value of money as a central concept for decision-making
  3. Week: Reflections on personal financial planning are followed by the basic knowledge about financial investing
  4. Week: Reflection of your own values ​​and those of the financial system through concrete examples such as derivatives and structured products
  5. Week: About the investor’s greatest enemy and how participants of financial markets interact in biological analogies
  6. Week: Critical reflection of what has been heard and learned

Course sessions are scheduled to start every 6 weeks in 2017.

Course language

The course is held in German.

Target group

Ideally suited for beginners in the world of finance, as the course provides a good overview and the concepts are explained intuitively and with examples. No economic knowledge is assumed.

For those who are already familiar with the basic financial concepts, the course shows some new ideas of finance and offers the possibility to raise money more consciously and appropriately to the person’s situation in life.


The MOOC "Das liebe Geld - Finance im Alltag" runs on the platform, which is subject to American privacy policy.