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Department of Banking and Finance Teaching Center


The Teaching Center's strong innovative power is directly linked to its people, who are enthusiastic and passionate about constantly improving the learning experience at the DBF and the University of Zurich.
The team consists to a large extent of current or former banking or finance and / or IT students. By working at the Teaching Center, (former) students become the producers of future courses. Through their involvement, students have the opportunity to deepen and reinforce their understanding of the subject matter while gaining insight into the academic teaching and research environment.
Involving (former) students in the delivery of courses ensures that courses are aligned with the needs and interests of students.
The Teaching Center, under the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Walter Farkas, is led by Johanna Braun. The Teaching Center attaches great importance to independent and flexible work to keep motivation and the power of ideas high. The team consists of more than 20 employees with many working part-time and finishing their studies on the side.
The Teaching Center is also constantly on the lookout for new innovative, motivated students who want to play an active role in further developing the learning experience at the department and University. Their roles as either “Junior Teaching Assistants” (hourly part-time employment) or “Tutors” (course-specific and rewarded with ECTS credits) help to improve the quality of the courses and allow them to gain a valuable look behind the scenes. Motivated individuals with a passion for teaching are always welcome to apply here.