Prof. Dr. Helga Fehr-Duda

Associate Professor of Decision Theory and Experimental Decision Research
Programmdirektor Master in Banking und Finance

helga.fehr@bf.uzh.ch +41 44 634 54 36

PLD-H 03, Plattenstr. 32, 8032 Zürich


After receiving my PhD from the Vienna University of Technology in 1986, I decided to leave academia for good and started to work for the private sector. I held positions in the finance department of Austria's largest industrial conglomerate and, before the family moved to Zurich, in the country's most prestigious investment bank. As Head of Research, I supported the bank's mergers and acquisitions deals, many of which involved large privatizations in Eastern Europe. After teaching Financial Economics at the University of Zurich for several semesters, I was bold enough to return to academic research in 2003.

My work focuses on modeling, measuring and estimating individual preferences over risk and delay. Recently, I have become interested in the interactions between risk and time which characterize the majority of real-world decisions.