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Department of Finance Prof. Dr. Alexander F. Wagner

Practice and Speaking


I am Chairman and CEO of the Executive Education of our Faculty, which runs a wide variety of open and custom programs on topics in business administration, finance, informatics, real estate, and other topics. In this capacity, I lead an engaged staff of around 60. I oversaw the integration of all offerings under one roof, launched and saw through a “why-how-what” process that helped us explicitly define the purpose of our work, derive strategy, and implement new initiatives. I am particularly motivated by our motto “Ask Boldly”. In the past, I have also served as chairman of the non-profit proxy advisor Swipra, and as an independent counsel for PwC.


I regularly speak at practitioner events, panels. Recent engagements include the Zurich Pension Funds Summit, UBS, Credit Suisse Institutional Investor Conference, the Insure X Dialogue, the AIDA conference, Novo Nordisk, Swisscom Ventures, CADE Ejecutivos (Peru), the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and others.

See me in action here – and help me get to 2 million views of my talk on “What really motivates people to be honest in business