Sustainable Finance Research Seminar

The sustainable finance research seminar is a place where thought-provoking working papers on the topic of sustainable finance are presented and discussed. This fall edition contains a mix of theoretical and empirical papers by both senior and junior scholars. Key themes include the impact of sustainable finance on the real economy, the implications of climate risks, and investor preferences for sustainability.

Presentations take place on Thursdays at 4pm (Zurich time) and last 60 minutes.

The seminar is hosted online and can be attended free of charge. Discussions are at an academic level, but everybody with an interest in the topic is welcome to join.
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By passing an oral exam during the exam session, doctoral students earn 3 ECTS. The seminar can be found in the course catalogue of the University of Zurich as DOEC0912.

You can find previous seminar programs here (PDF, 573 KB).

Seminar Program

Date Speaker Topic of Seminar

Prof. Dr. Luc Renneboog Tilburg University

Shareholder Engagement in Environmental, Social and Governance

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens, Florian Rümmelein

University of Zurich

When Greta meets Warren: The impact of sustainable investing on investment factors like value
Intro video

Prof. Dr. Augustin Landier

HEC Paris

ESG-Investing: How to optimize impact?

Seminar recording


Prof. Dr. Ruishen Zhang

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Firm-level Climate Change Exposure


Seminar recording


Olivier David Zerbib

Tilburg University

Environmental Impact Investing



Prof. Dr. Alexander Dyck University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management

Collective Activism

Seminar recording


Prof. Oliver D. Hart,
Prof. Luigi Zingales,
Prof. Eleonora Broccardo

Harvard University, University of Chicago, University of Trento

Exit vs Voice

Seminar recording


Prof. Dr. Markus Leippold

University of Zurich

Ask BERT: How Regulatory Disclosure of Transition and Physical Climate Risks affects the CDS Term Structure

Florian Heeb

University of Zurich

Are Investors Sensitive to Impact?

Isabella Kooij

University of Zurich

The Role of Sustainability Information for Investment Decisions

Prof. Harrison G. Hong

Prof. Neng Wang

Columbia University in the City of New York

Jinqiang Yang

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


Mitigating Disaster Risks in the Age of Climate Change

Prof. Dr. Marco Wilkens, PD Dr. Martin Rohleder, Jonas Zink

University of Augsburg

The Effects of Decarbonizing Institutional Portfolios on Stock Prices and Carbon

Philipp Zhang,

University of Zurich

Christoph Meinerding

Yves Schüler

Deutsche Bundesbank

Shocks to Transition Risk

Dr. Nora Pankratz

University of California Los Angeles

Climate Change and Adaptation in Global Supply-Chain Networks