The Department of Banking and Finance (DBF) at the University of Zurich strives for academic excellence and social relevance in its four core areas Banking and Insurance, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics and Quantitative Finance. Located at the heart of Switzerland's main financial center, the DBF is one of the leading finance groups in Europe comprising 20 professors and more than 160 employees.

The DBF fosters an interdisciplinary discussion and knowledge exchange in both research and teaching. It offers the only Swiss University Bachelor in Banking & Finance. The DBF aims to bring knowledge to practice with its Executive Teaching Program that caters to the needs of finance professionals.

The DBF was founded 1968 as Swiss Banking Institute.

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Our offices are spread over five different buildings:

  • PLM, Plattenstrasse 14, 8032 Zürich (3rd floor)
  • PLR, Phönixweg 5, 8032 Zürich 
  • PLC, Plattenstrasse 30, 8032 Zürich
  • PLD, Plattenstrasse 32, 8032 Zürich

The rooms and phone numbers of our department's employees are also listed in the department person list as well as in the UZH Phonebook.