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Department of Finance

Markus Leippold wins Best Academic Paper at MAIAs 2023

Markus Leippold has been honored with the Best Academic Paper award at MAIAs 2023 for his exceptional research titled "Sustainable Finance Literacy and the Determinants of Sustainable Investing."

Markus Leippold's study focused on examining Swiss households' comprehension of sustainable financial products, revealing the need for improved transparency and regulatory measures to support sustainable investments.

The study uncovered concerning levels of sustainable finance literacy among Swiss households, highlighting the necessity for initiatives to enhance financial education in this area.

Additionally, the research revealed interesting gender differences in sustainable finance literacy. While women seemed to perform worse than men in multiple-choice questions, this gap disappeared when respondents answered open-ended questions, suggesting a potential avenue for addressing disparities effectively.

An essential finding of the study was that sustainable finance literacy significantly influences investments in sustainable products. As awareness and understanding grow, so does the inclination towards making responsible and sustainable investment choices.