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Department of Finance


Student organizations enrich student life and facilitate exchange between students, employers, departments, and universities.

Finance Club

TheFinance Clubis one of the leading student initiatives in the field of finance in Switzerland. In collaboration with renowned companies and institutions, the Finance Club offers students the opportunity to gain specific insights into various areas of finance. It thus serves as an important bridge between the academic world and the job market in one of the most important financial centers.

Anna Vasileva

«No matter where you go after your journey at the Finance Club, you can rest assured you will reminisce on this chapter at the University more than on any other.»

  • Anna Vasileva, Finance Club Absolventin

The Finance Club was founded at the end of the last century and has connected its student members with professionals from the business world for two decades. Today, the Finance Club has over 2,000 members and is therefore one of the largest and most active student associations in Switzerland.

Fachverein Oekonomie

The Fachverein Oekonomie is the official student representation of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics  at the University of Zurich. Our approximately 60 active members work daily to represent you and give students a voice. Whether it's engagement in university politics, varied events or the support of first-year and exchange students - we want to shape the study routine and make the time at university an unforgettable experience for everyone!

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