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Department of Banking and Finance

Modules FS23

Registration Conditions

For certain modules, there are special registration conditions. Please refer to the list here.



Module Acronym Category Faculty ECTS
Advanced Banking (L) 03SM22MO0017 Examination WWF 6
Advanced CFA Investment Challenge (S) 03SM22MO0043 Seminar WWF 3
Advanced Corporate Finance I (L+E) 03SM22MO0007 Course, Exercise Group WWF 6
Advanced Financial Economics (L+E) 03SM22MO0016 Examination WWF 6
Advanced Portfolio Management Game (S) 03SM22MO0057 Seminar WWF 3
Advances in Computational Economics and Finance (S) HS23 03SMDOEC1094 Seminar WWF 3
Aktuelle Trends im Private Banking (S) (Current Trends in Private Banking) 03SM22BO0052 Seminar WWF 3
Applied Financial Analytics for Strategic Decisions and Value Creation (L) 03SM22MO0089 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Applied Quantitative Finance (S) 03SM22MO0141 Seminar WWF 3
Asset Allocation and Alternative Investments (L) 03SM22MO0056 Course WWF 3
Asset Management: Advanced Investments 03SM22MO0040 Course WWF 3
Asset Management: Investments (L+E) 03SM22BO0041 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 6
Bank Treasury Management (L) 03SM22MO0064 Course WWF 3
Banking (VU) 03SM22BO0009 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 6
Banking and Contract Economics (S) 03SMDOEC0481 Examination WWF 9
Banking and Finance I (L+E) 03SM22AOEC05 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Banking: Structured Products (S) 03SM22BO0046 Seminar WWF 3
Business- & Finance-Game (S) 03SM22BO0018 Seminar WWF 3
CFA Investment Challenge (S) 03SM22MO0036 Seminar WWF 6
Corporate Finance (L) 03SMDFOEC007 Course WWF 9
Corporate Finance (L) 03SM22MO0008 Course WWF 3
Corporate Finance (L+E) 03SM22BO0008 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 6
Counterparty Credit Risk Management (L) 03SM22MO0034 Course WWF 3
Cultural Economics and Finance (S) 03SMDOEC0930 Seminar WWF 3
Digital Tools for Finance (L) 03SMDFOEC008 Course WWF 3
Doktorandenkolloquium (S) (Colloquium for Doctoral Students) 03SMDOEC0004 Seminar WWF 3
Economic Foundations for Finance (L+E) 03SM22MO0039 Course, Exercise Group WWF 6
Environmental and financial sustainability (L) 03SM22MO0009 Course WWF 3
Finance with Excel (S) 03SM22BO0016 Seminar WWF 3
FinTech & InsurTech – Digitization of the Financial Services Industry (L+E) (Digitalisierung der Finanzindustrie) 03SM22MO0085 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Fixed Income Markets (V) 03SM22BO0022 Course WWF 3
Fortgeschrittene Mikroökonomik für die BWL (V+Ü) (Advanced Microeconomics for Business Administration) 03SM22MO0005 Course, Exercise Group WWF 6
Fundamental Probability for Finance (I+II) (L) 03SM22MO0058 Course WWF 6
Impact Investing and Financial Inclusion (L) 03SM22MO0055 Course WWF 3
Impact Investing, Sustainable Finance & Family Offices (S) 03SM22BO0120 Seminar WWF 3
Interdisziplinäres Seminar Mergers and Acquisitions (Interdisciplinary seminar mergers and acquisitions) (S) 03SM22MO0048 Seminar WWF 3
Intermediate Corporate Finance (S) 03SM22BO0017 Seminar WWF 3
International Tax Planning (L) 03SM22MO0053 Course WWF 3
Investment Process in Practice - Fundamentals and Applications (L) 03SM22MO0189 Course WWF 3
Literatur, Wirtschaft und Geschichte: Illitteratus Homo Oeconomicus? (S) (Literature, economy and history: Illitteratus Homo Oeconomicus?) 03SM22MO0086 Seminar WWF 3
Macro-Finance (L) 03SM22MO0191 Course WWF 3
Mathematical Finance: Mathematical Finance and Derivatives (S) 03SMDOEC0383 Seminar WWF 9
Matlab for Portfolio Management (L) 03SM22MO0038 Course WWF 3
Microeconomics of Insurance (L) 03SM22MO0035 Course WWF 3
Monetary Policy and Financial Markets (S) 03SM22MO0083 Seminar WWF 3
Portfolio Management Implementation 1 (S) 03SM22MO0037 Seminar WWF 3
Portfolio Management Theory 1 (S) 03SM22MO0042 Seminar WWF 3
Real Analysis I (L) 03SM22MO0194 Course WWF 6
Real Estate Finance Seminar 03SM22MO0082 Seminar WWF 3
Research Seminar BBLS Banking & Finance (S) HS23 03SMDOEC1097 Seminar WWF 3
Research Seminar in Contract Theory, Banking and Money I (S) HS23 03SMDOEC1096 Seminar WWF 3
Seminar Corporate Governance (S) 03SM22MO0041 Seminar WWF 3
Startup Seminar Banking & Finance 2.0 (S) 03SM22BO0036 Seminar WWF 3
Statistical Foundations for Finance (Mathematical and Computational Statistics with a View Towards Finance and Risk Management) 03SM22MO0103 Course WWF 6
Stress Testing of Banks (L) 03SM22MO0044 Course WWF 3
Sustainability and the Finance Sector (S) 03SM22BO0112 Seminar WWF 3
Sustainable Finance Research Seminar 03SMDOEC0912 Seminar WWF 3
The Economy of Risk in Insurance (L) 03SM22MO0033 Course WWF 3
Topics of Applied Risk Management (L) 03SM22MO0188 Course WWF 3
Unternehmensberichterstattung und Corporate Governance (S) (Value Reporting and Corporate Governance) 03SM22BO0019 Seminar WWF 3
Unternehmensbewertung in der Praxis (S) (Valuation in practice) 03SM22MO0049 Seminar WWF 3