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Department of Finance

Majors and Minors

The Bachelor's degree program in Banking and Finance can be chosen both as a major and as a minor, and can be freely combined with other programs in economics or a subject area from another faculty. The extremely popular minor program in Banking and Finance can also be taken as a major in the same subject area.


The Banking and Finance major comprises 150 ECTS credits and can be combined with minor study programs from other faculties at the University of Zurich. These include, for example, minors in Economics, Computer Science, or Business Administration. To get an overview of all combinable minor study programs, select the desired degree program in the course catalog.


The Banking and Finance minor comprises 30 credits and can be combined with various major study programs. These include the following major study programs:

Business and Economics


Banking and Finance

Computing and Economics

Business Administration

People-Oriented Computing


Software Systems


Information Systems

  Informatics with Natural Sciences

For students from other faculties, the minor study program comprises either 30 or 60 ECTS credits and can be combined according to the regulations of their respective study program.

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