Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

Monday, 12:15-13:00
Program (PDF, 55 KB)
Date Speaker Topic
17.02. Keisuke Teeple Mean Preserving Unawareness in General Equilibrium
24.02. Stefan Pohl Earnings Surprises and External Financing
09.03. Marco Ceccarelli How do borrowers find their banks? - The value of individuals in bank relationship formation
16.03. Vesa Pursiainen When Paper Losses Get Physical: Domestic Violence and Stock Returns
23.03. Prof. Alexander Wagner
Stefano Ramelli
Feverish Stock Price Reactions to COVID-19
30.03. Prof. Thorsten Hens Escaping the Backtesting Illusion
06.04. Jan Toczynski Geographical Ring Fencing in Banking
Abstract (PDF, 17 KB)
27.04. Justin Huang tba
04.05. Marlon Azinovic Age Structure and Demand for Durable Goods
11.05. Florian Heeb tba
18.05. Andre Lot tba
25.05. Gazi Kabas Do Unemployment Insurance Policies Stabilize Economic Fluctuations? Evidence from Mortgage and Housing Markets
Abstract (PDF, 17 KB)